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January 2020

 Copyright © Jean-Michel Laurenti. All Rights Reserved.
Landscape, Travel

Irish clouds

One of the most recurring sentences I keep hearing from people who manifest a basic interest for photography relate to weather: “Not a good time for photo, there is no sun” or “It’s a sunny day, let’s take some photos”. Sure, when sky is flat, with a light gray and no directional light, any landscape […]

 Copyright © Jean-Michel Laurenti. All Rights Reserved.

Summer dusk on Charles’ river

Recently I did not had/took a lot of opportunities to practice photography as I used to do when I was abroad…It seems quite usual to be more lazy when back home, the typical “I-have-time, I-can-take-that-picture-tomorrow” syndrome.. I’ll try to do better in 2020…But in the meantime, I still have some archive to explore, like these […]